Mission :

Accompany yoga teachers, meditation teachers and therapists wishing to become independant by provinding them with the best tools and environment.

Our “Solidarity Cooperative” offers to mutualize resources, experience and costs in order to ease the development of widely beneficial activities like yoga, meditation and other self-developing therapies. This way anyone wishing to start a personal activity with an altruistic aim can benefit from advice, tools and the experience from the founders and all members.


Administrator, L'Espace

How does it work ?

Transparency is a crucial value in our cooperative. This way you will have access to accounts and can then work with full confidence.

Acommission is taken on the payments from the students. It will serve the purpose of covering :

  • Your contribution to the functioning costs au prorata of your turn over.
  • Your contribution to the tools and services recieved

The reste of the turn over is then available as salary before tax and personal expenses.

You will sign an employee contract with L’Espace as a wage portage consultant. You will therefore be paid by hour depending on the amount of classes you will have invoiced. Every teacher represents a distinct account so the salary you receive will vary based on your activity and your invoicing.


Current commission on the turn over before tax

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to social services if something heppens to me?

Yes. As an employee, you are entitled to social services like any other employee. However, les compensations are given based on the paid contributions and not the beforehand declared amounts.

Solidarity means that I pay for others ?

Solidarity means that we work together and doesnt mean that you work for others in a common pot. Every professor gets the salary she or he has managed to invoice.


There is a common pot however but it is restricted to the fonctioning costs of the structure like (administration, accounting, online tools, marketing, insurances, …)


Solidarity means that we work as a team and share tips, support, advice and experience and applies less to the financial aspects.