Solidarity cooperative
for independent teachers

Our mission

We help and accompany independent yoga teachers, meditation teachers and therapists with all their tasks to develop their activity.

You have decided to change your life et pursue your dream of sharing the benefits of yoga, meditation or a therapy with others ?

However you are still spending most of your time doing administrative, accounting paperwork and marketing…

We are here to help you get the right tools, the right advice but above all to suport you!

“The hardest part of becoming an independent yoga teacher is obviously to find and care for your students. But unfortunately the most demanding in time and energy is dealing with all the paperwork and the worries to establish yourself legally and to get visible. This requires an unsettling collection of skills ! Our solution : mutualization.”

Guillaume Vignali

Entrepreneur and yoga adept

Our services


No need to split yourself in 6, we are here!

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Wage portage

Enjoy all the benefits of the being an employee but live like an independent !


Let experts guide you in the administrative labyrinths and concentrate on your class sessions!

Shared experiences

Enjoy the experience of the whole team of teachers, administrators and entrepreneurs since there is strength in unity!


Benefit from adjusted tools to make yourself visible and to communicate without extra costs!


Use modern technologies without knowing anything about it and allow your students to pay and book courses online.

Team support

Making the first step is hard! This is why you can count on us to pump up straight to success.

We are practionner of yoga in the very large sense, more like an art of life in which the community spirit and mutual help hold a paramount importance in the practice

With L’Espace, there is always someone to answer your questions!


Our teachers

They have decided to team up with L'Espace !

Julie Choubard

Teaches Hatha yoga and pranayama in and around Geneva.

Maddalena Tasselli

Holistic Therapist

They started with us and are now well established teachers :

Aurélie Schaerer

Teaches Hatha yoga and regenerative yoga in and around Geneva.

Martyna Kosciesza

Medical doctor and yoga therapy teacher. She offers group and private classes in Lausanne, Vevey and Montreux.

You would like to join us ?

Give yourself the means to succeed ! There are only benefits in joining the team of L’Espace !


“Un coup de pouce incroyable pour démarrer!”


Professeur de Yoga, Martyna Yoga Therapy

“J’ai failli me noyer dans la paperasse et les outils informatiques mais heureusement que L’Espace était là!”


Professeur de Yoga, Yoga Aurélie Schaerer